When it comes to your child’s education, it is so important for you to encourage them to work on their reading and writing skills. There are so many benefits that come with being an avid reader. Their classes will be easier, they will be preparing themselves for their future careers, and best of all, they will have a hobby that is enjoyable and can basically be done anywhere! It’s best to start them reading as early as possible, however, as many parents realize, it can be a little bit tricky encouraging them to pick up a book. Especially these days with tablets and smartphones everywhere! Compass Child Care in Coon Rapids and Blaine is here to help! While you can rest assured that while they are under our care, your little one will be in a fun and safe environment that will promote enhancing their reading abilities, but we would like to provide you with some simple yet effective tips to get your child’s nose in a book!

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Create a Reading Nook For Them

As you are certainly aware, it doesn’t take much for your child to create an environment that they are comfortable in. Whether it is draping blankets over the backs of the dining chairs or stacking the couch’s cushions in a strategic way, creating forts is a favorite activity for children of all ages. Why not encourage your young one to build their own little reading nook? It doesn’t take much, and it might be all they need to relax and settle down with a book.

Be a Good Example

Your child is picking up on things every single day, and since you are one of their heroes, you can count on them to follow your lead. If they never witness you get into a book, it is likely that they aren’t going to be highly motivated to read themselves. Make sure that you are being a good example and showing them how enjoyable it is to read. Set aside some time every single day where the two of you sit down and read, even if it is just for thirty minutes!

Let Them Read Everything

Books aren’t the only thing that you should have them read! Anything helps improve their reading skills! Let them read through the mail, get them children’s magazines, even have them go through a cookbook! While on the road, have them read out road signs, license plates, billboards, etc.

Bring Them to the Library

The library is, of course, a treasure trove of reading material. Make a little field trip out of it, and spend the day at your local library with your child. Let them explore the books on their own and read whatever book catches their eye. Just make sure that the books they are choosing are appropriate for their reading level. If they already are struggling to get through a book, they will become even more frustrated if they try to get through a book that is a little bit beyond their current abilities.

Talk With Them About What They Are Reading

When your child finishes the book that they are currently reading, or even just a chapter, make sure that you talk with them about it. What was their favorite part? Favorite character? Have them give you a brief synopsis of the book. This will go a long way in helping them improve their reading comprehension skills and will also be a great family activity.

Surround Them With Reading Material

The most important thing for you to do aside from supporting your little one’s reading is to make sure that they have a plethora of options! Make it as easy as possible for them to have access to reading material. Let them know that reading isn’t just something to be done at school, but can happen wherever they may be!

If you follow these simple tips, it’s a sure thing that you will have a little reader on your hands! At Compass Learning Center, we will make sure that we are encouraging their reading habits as well! If you would like to learn more about our child care centers in Blain and Coon Rapids, feel free to contact us today.