Perhaps one of the most challenging and frustrating aspects of parenting young children is finding the right way to discipline them. If you are the parent of multiple children, then you already know that what worked so well for your first child may have absolutely no impact on your second or third child. With that in mind, we’ll look at some of the most helpful tips for disciplining toddlers in part one of this series. Hopefully the variety of ideas we cover will provide some solutions for you as you seek to raise a well-mannered child.

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1. Choose Your Battles

This tips is definitely easier said than done. One of the reasons that young children learn the word no before almost any other word is probably related to the fact that they hear it more than any other word. With that in mind, try to avoid saying “no” all day long, as this will diminish its effectiveness. Instead, try to categorize behaviors into large, medium, and not big enough to worry about. When your toddler does something that falls into the latter category, simply ignore the behavior and they’ll stop soon, when they see they don’t get a response or reaction from you.

2. Prevention Is Key

When there are expensive, nice, or fragile objects within a young child’s reach, it is only a matter of time before they are damaged or broken. Make sure to place these types of items on higher shelves or cabinets until your child is old enough to understand how to treat them.

On nights when your family wants to go out for dinner, aim to arrive at the restaurant before the normal dinner time rush. This will ensure that you have very little wait time before being seated, ordering, and receiving food. Hungry children are not patient, and this preventative step should eliminate a public meltdown.

3. Keep Corrections Brief

You may have overheard other parents diving into lengthy explanations when telling their child why they should or should not do something. Remember that your toddler isn’t old enough to truly understand or appreciate the reason behind the correction. Simply tell them not to hit, bite, or scream. As they get older and want to know the reasons, you can offer an explanation, but be sure to keep it simple and age appropriate. Contrary to what some adults may think, children do not reason and process the way adults do.

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Today we covered just a few tips for disciplining your toddler, so be sure to check back for part two in this series. At Compass Child Care, we know that training your child how to behave is one of the more challenging aspects of parenthood. At our child care center, we strive to partner with you by providing similar expectations in a loving environment. Contact us today to learn more about our child care center, and schedule a tour at one of our three locations in Coon Rapids, Blaine, or Isanti.