Choosing a childcare center for your child can be nerve-racking, especially when you think about the amount of time they’ll be spending there and the people they will be surrounded by! You probably have your own checklist that you want your childcare center to satisfy, which is good. Knowing what you’re looking for is a good place to start because it helps you narrow down your options and give you a good foundation of the kind of establishment you feel comfortable dropping your kid off at. Your child will learn and grow at this place, so it is necessary to seek out a center that will help develop and foster your child’s abilities and skills. Before committing to an early childhood or childcare center, take a tour of the center to get a better understanding of what the childcare center is like. Something that should also be taken into consideration is the centers’ reputation. Compass Early Learning is rated through Parent Aware and also offers tours! If you’re looking for a place you can trust and your child will love, enroll with Compass Early Learning today. 

A Stimulating Curriculum

A well-thought-out and effective curriculum means more than just courses or programs that are carried out in a structured schedule. Curriculums that inspire your child to learn new skills and interact with those around them is not only extremely important in the moment, but it provides long-lasting benefits that your little one can carry into the future. Interactive programs that include art, movement, and science will stimulate your kid and encourage them to try new things, expanding their experiential growth and minimizing the fear of trying new things. Children should also be engaged through dynamic learning techniques that allow them to utilize different materials, spaces, and equipment. The sky’s the limit with the curriculum, and the child will be most immersed in their environment if they are able to explore, interact, and most importantly, move. When it comes to discovery, there should be no stone left unturned. It is important to have a varied curriculum so the child isn’t repeating the same practices and tasks every day. Rather, each new day brings a new and fluid schedule that illicites change and enhances classroom success. At Compass Early Learning, we have an engaging and immersive preschool program that includes Music & Movement, S.T.E.M., Art, and Dramatic Play. If you’re interested, enroll with us today or contact us with any questions!  

Shared Philosophies

When researching the childcare center that you want to place your little one in, it is important that you choose one that reflects your personal values and philosophies. If you want your child to learn through experiential learning based on respect, responsibility, and relationships, then find a center that will align with those values. If natural light is important to you, then steer clear of establishments that have limited windows or is in a crowded part of town. More in-depth examinations of their policies and disciplines should give you a more holistic view of the center. What does the childcare center feed their kids? When are naps and how do they deal with fussy children who don’t want to sleep? All of your questions can certainly be answered by a phone call, so don’t hesitate to reach out to your top three candidates before committing to one. 

Qualified and Caring Staff

This one might be at the top of your list, and for good reason. It is a no brainer that you want to place your little one in the hands of those who will care for, watch over, teach, and respect your child as you would. Further, the caregivers you trust your child with should be qualified to be there with the basic certifications and training. Most teachers and caregivers will have degrees related to the practice as well as expertise from having gone to college or from experience. While educational experience isn’t necessarily something you can tell just by looking at someone, you are usually able to discern a lot by observing how they interact with the kids. Look at their body language and how they talk to the kids. Are they talking to the children at eye-level? Are they talking respectfully and meaningfully? Or in an even, constant, and authoritative tone? 

If you are unable to observe the teachers’ practices, then consider how you feel when you talk to them. Interacting with caregivers and teachers will usually give you a good idea of how engaged they are with your child’s wellbeing, safety, and learning. Further, when it comes to children, caregivers should also be prepared for emergency situations where CPR or first aid might need to be administered. While it is a worst-case scenario, it is good to have teachers who know how to approach such instances. 

A Clean and Safe Environment

You probably want your child learning and growing in a place that is safe and sanitary. Upon taking a tour, look down and take notice of the floors, walls, toilets, and food areas. Further, the building should have proper heating, lighting, and ventilation. The center you are considering should abide by the basic rules of safety and the equipment they use should be in good condition. The health and safety of your child is a priority, and you don’t want to take your chances with a center that doesn’t prioritize the same way you do. While you’re taking a tour, check the doors and make sure they all close and lock securely, as we live in a day and age where your child’s safety can be breached anywhere. If you can, explore the playground area and ensure that it is safely away from traffic and fenced off so strangers cannot walk in and children cannot wander off! 

A Good Reputation

This is related to having a kind and caring staff, as having caregivers that interact with the children with love will help build a strong and reliable reputation among parents and the surrounding community. It is important that the staff is warm and responsive to not only the children’s needs, but your needs as well. As parents, you want to be heard and you want your child in good hands. Ask around and talk to other parents who trust their little ones with the center you are looking at. Referrals go a long way. Ask questions that pertain directly to your concerns so you can acquire a better understanding of the place. Do your research and read up about the center, referring to reviews, ratings, and word of mouth. If you want to know for sure, however, you can always drop into the establishment and see for yourself. Usually, happy kids are one of the best indicators that the center is a good place, and probably a good fit for your child.

We understand that there are many things that you have to consider when finding a place you trust to trust your child with. Here at Compass Early Learning, we not only provide a stimulating curriculum with several immersive and engaging programs, but we have qualified and loving caregiving professionals. Call us to schedule a tour and enroll with us today.

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