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Math is so important in life. If your child can understand math and enjoys math, there are so many career opportunities open to them because of it, from engineering to computer science. Math is a foundation in many jobs and careers, so even the most basic understanding of math is essential for life.

Compass Child Care understands the importance of building a solid foundation in math. We incorporate math at all levels of our infant, toddler, and preschool programs, including using STEM education, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Below, we’ll offer up tips on how you can encourage your child to learn math. Contact us today to learn more!


Incorporate Math Activities Into Your Daily Living

Math is such a part of our daily lives that many of us probably don’t even realize we are using math. For example, you use math when you calculate your checkbook, go to the grocery store, look at the time, bake cookies, and so much more. When you are encouraging your child to learn math, you can help them by using math on a daily basis as it comes up naturally. For example, ask your child to bake with you and have them measure out the ingredients. Have them count how many cows you pass as you are driving into town, or if you live in the city, how many trees they see. You can begin a building project where they will need to count, add, and even multiply building materials. There are so many different ways we use math on a daily basis that just doing these on a daily basis with your child can encourage them in math.

Play Math Games

There are an abundance of fun math games that you can play with your child that they won’t even know that they are learning math. From chess and dominoes to Monopoly and Yahtzee, math is used in these games in a fun, engaging way. You can even utilize alloted screen time for math games on the computer. If your child is going to play on the computer, you might as well have it be educational. Math games on the computer are interactive and exciting, and some are progressive, meaning they will challenge your child in math as they become more accomplished. By encouraging math games, you are encouraging the learning and processing of math.

Read Math Books

Compass Child Care is, of course, not talking about actual math textbooks here. We’re referring to story books that incorporate math in a way that kids can learn about math. There are many counting books, as well as story books that teach kids math in a fun, dynamic way. Examples include Sir Cumference and the First Round Table, The Boy Who Loved Math, and How Much is a Million?

Play Store

It’s possible you may even have memories of playing store as a child. Giving kids an early idea of how math and elementary economics work will only serve them in the long run (plus, as a parent, this lesson could be life-saving for when you take your child with you to the grocery store and all they do is ask for items!). Playing store will teach your child how to count, how to add and subtract, how money works, and simple problem solving skills. Depending on the age of the child, you can throw in other lessons as well, such as what happens when you run out of money, how debt works, and the like. Kids can spend hours playing store, and it’s a great opportunity to add in socialization skills as kids can easily play this with their friends.

Observe The World Around You

Another great way to incorporate math into your child’s learning is by looking for shapes, which is the foundation of geometry in the upper levels of math. Everywhere you go, including in your home, there are shapes. You can keep it simple, from round balls or go more complex, such as the octagon shape of a stop sign. When you buy your child ice cream, talk about the cone it comes in and notice the shape of buildings as you walk by. When you cut something up for them to eat, such as a pizza, what shapes are you making?


Many people think math is hard, but it’s not; it’s everywhere in our society. The problem lies in the fact that when people think of math, they think of it in terms of upper levels of math such as Calculus. However, for your child, teaching the basics in a fun, engaging way can be life-changing. Who knows? Your child may grow up to be an engineer, an astronaut, or a computer programmer — all because of your encouragement of math.

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