Early childhood education may just seem like art and activities, but in reality, your kiddo is learning a lot, both about themselves, others, and the world around them! It may not seem like it, but preschool offers all sorts of opportunities for your child to develop and grow into themselves. Early childhood education offers physical development, social development, emotional development, cognitive development, and literacy development. Your child’s first few years of school are filled with wondrous moments that shape them more than you would know! There is an intense amount of brainwork going on and you may only witness some of it while they are home! At Compass Early Learning in Coon Rapids and Blaine, we aim to foster and support your child’s creativity and learning through our early learning programs, like S.T.E.M., art, and music and movement. Enroll with us today and expose your child to the world of endless learning and fun!

Building Their Social Skills

Yes, your child does learn to socialize while they are at home, but it is essential that they learn to socialize in a safe environment outside of the home as well. Introducing them to other children will allow them to build friendships, which helps children overcome shyness and gain self-confidence. Social interactions also teach your kiddo how to get along with other children and gives them some insight into how to play with other kids and respect their space. Social development will help build your child’s social skills, language, and even conflict resolution. Positive interactions with other children help them explore skills and other interests, leading them to build a healthy view of themselves. They also learn how to work with others, which is a skill that will follow them into their professional lives. 

Experience is the Best Teacher

As children are exposed to environments outside of their home, they are able to think more complexly, making decisions, and solving problems that would otherwise not present themselves. The classroom is a unique place for children to reflect on and use information that helps them understand the world they live in. As they explore new situations, experiences, and environments, children’s minds are more lively and imaginative. Teachers help to balance this stimulation by asking them to listen, follow directions, and participate in group tasks, building the critical skill of concentration. By making their environment somewhat challenging, the teacher is encouraging students to learn through first-hand experiences that help build coping mechanisms for the greater challenges they will face in life. They will learn how to better handle their emotions and themselves. 

An Excitement for Learning

When your kid is surrounded by a stimulating classroom that supports creativity, music, art, and the sciences, they are excited to continue their educational journey, opting to take a positive perspective on new learning experiences. Compass Early Learning helps kids develop an enthusiastic thirst for lifelong learning by providing programs like S.T.E.M., Music and Movement, Art, and Dramatic Play. Each program inspires your child to approach school and learning with eagerness, ready to re-discover their love for education every day they are with us! All of our educators are trained in identifying where children need the most support, which is why our programs create a holistic perspective that will help your kid flourish, preparing them for a lifetime of learning. 

Exercising their Minds and Bodies

As stated previously, early childhood education is essential for working out their minds, but it is just as important for their bodies! Our teachers offer various physical activities that will encourage your child to move their body, which supports motor skills and healthy bones and muscles. Whether it is indoors or outdoors, children can run, jump, climb, throw, and catch, expanding their physical abilities and inspiring them to continue an active lifestyle as they grow older!

At Compass Early Learning, we are inspired to inspire your kids! Every moment of their lives is a moment that they will learn from, which is why it is our goal to expand their horizons and optimize their potential. Their lives are just beginning and the world is opening up for them. Don’t let them get lost, enroll them in Compass Early Learning today! We specialize in infant care, daycare, toddler child care, and preschool. Schedule a tour with us at our Coon Rapids or Blaine locations today!