Infant care is where it all begins. Although it might not seem like all infants do is eat, sleep, cry, and fill their diapers, they are actually learning about the world around them and absorbing a lot of information while doing it. Infants are learning the sound of their own name, how to communicate, how to sit up by themselves, and how to walk and crawl. Your infant can see and hear what is happening around them, and is learning how to communicate their needs and interests to others. Compass Child Care takes care of infants, nurturing them in a healthy and safe manner in a comfortable and safe environment. Further, we provide them with education that is suitable for their mental and physical development characteristics. Your child’s first experiences have a very important effect on their future, which is why it is vital for them to be in a place where they can thrive. Contact Compass Child Care to enroll your child in infant care today.