Our preschool classrooms (kindergarten readiness program) is geared for our 3, 4 and 5 year olds. They will start their day at “base camp” where they will eat their meals and nap in. Every moment is a teaching moment in preschool but from 9:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. the curriculum really takes traction and the children get to rotate through our classrooms as a group. ​

Music & Movement

They will get to wiggles and giggle as they play with parachutes, group games, obstacle courses and music education in the Music & Movement room. They will also be learning through movement as they explore the cognitive side of kindergarten readiness. ABCs, 123’s, sight words and more will be learned through jumping, running and playing.



In our STEM room our little adventurers will be encouraged to be curious as they explore science projects, play and learn through technology and engineering and explore the very first stepping stones into math. This classroom is made to bring out the questions in our kiddos’ minds.



Preschoolers will be able to let their creativity run wild in the Art Room. We will nurture the artist that is in every child through process based projects. Art is all about the freedom of creativity, lack of parameters and the process of creation. Crafts are all about following steps and directions while working towards an end product. Children will be able to exercise the skills that both arts and crafts offer. Fine motor skills, handwriting grasp, scissor practice and strengthening hand dexterity will be conquered as well in the Art Room.


Dramatic Play

Last but certainly not least, our dramatic play room is set up in a way that begs to be played with. Children will get to experience the ever-changing dramatic play and get their hands into different materials and textures through sensory exploration. Social skills also take a starring role in the Dramatic Play Room. When we ask kindergarten teachers what makes a student successful in the classroom, social skills are always on the top of the list. We want to prepare children for every aspect of their future learning careers; social skills are clearly a major piece to the success in everyday life.


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