Infant Care

Starting with infant care, Compass Child Care begins building the foundation for learning and development. While from the outside, it looks like infants are crying, sleeping, eating, and filling their diapers. In reality, they are actively taking in vital information about their world around, using it to create an intricate puzzle of understanding. Compass Child Care nurtures your infant in a healthy, safe, and fun environment, providing them with educational opportunities that are appropriate for their mental and physical capabilities. Your child’s first experiences are very important for the future of their development, so it is essential that your infant is in a place where they can thrive!

In our infant care program, we will positively shape your child’s first experiences by providing them with loving attention and the fostering of close bonds, so our daycare is somewhere where your child feels safe, and somewhere you feel confident dropping them off at! In addition to this, we encourage movement. Your infant can crawl and roam in a safe environment, and learn how to move their little legs and arms, building strong muscles, balance, coordination, and the confidence to explore their surroundings!

Transitions Daycare

The transition from infant care to toddler care is here, where your child will take huge development steps that prepare them for life as a toddler in our toddler programs! In our transition daycare, children will play like the “big kids”, engaging in activities that further their understanding of their environment and a little bit more about themselves. Our curriculum directly addresses their growing needs as little explorers by providing new learning experiences that sharpen their existing skills and build new ones.

The tools, toys, and activities we facilitate in our transitions daycare stimulates their need to explore, discover, learn, and experiment with concepts. The pre-toddler curriculum fosters positive self-esteem, opportunities for creative expression, and stimulates cognitive problem solving-solving skills. Further, the curriculum supports the development of social skills, communication skills, literacy skills, and so much more.

Toddler Care

This is where our childcare gets fun! Toddlers are always on the move, craving new experiences and learning opportunities, and our toddler room is the perfect place for it! There is a lot going on here, like helping facilitate emotional development and sharpen social skills, which help your child communicate their needs and share toys with other kids. They are developing in many ways, enhancing their social, emotional, physical, and cognitive skills in a comprehensive way — all helping your child learn how to interact with others. Toddlers, most importantly, begin learning about themselves, like how to express themselves appropriately, but also how to understand their feelings and the feelings of those around them. We help your child develop by providing a curriculum that includes art, dramatic play, S.T.E.M., and music and movement.

Dramatic Play

Dramatic play is a creative but conducive way to help your child embrace their imagination, creativity, cooperation skills, and problem-solving skills. It’s more than simply dressing up or pretending they are sailing a pirate ship, they are learning about conflict resolution, self-confidence, and self-control, which are all skills that your child will carry with them the rest of their lives. Dramatic play can further their social and emotional development, which is very important to us.


Children, we believe, are never too young to learn about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Of course, these concepts are not as mature as the kind of technology and engineering you are familiar with — they are developed concepts that pertain directly to your child’s skill level. S.T.E.M. encourages your child to stay curious about the world around them, constantly seeking out and discovering new things to learn, and being hands-on with their experiences. This early childhood education program centers around experiential learning that helps children work through real-world problems, cultivating a sense of creativity, innovativeness, and problem-solving skills. What is even more important is that S.T.E.M. helps build neurological brain development.

Music & Movement

Our early childhood education course, music and movement, goes beyond simply letting your toddler run around our room playing an instrument, it encourages them to be creative, express their emotions, and develop fine motor skills! Children are naturally drawn to music at an early age, and experiencing music, especially in a group setting, can help your child creatively release energy. They learn about themselves and others while also learning how to listen and cooperate with their peers.

Developing fine motor skills can be done in several different ways, including playing instruments that require small and large movement. It can be as simple as moving their fingers along a keyboard, or moving their arms, legs, and torso while dancing along to music. Music and movement can also help improve memory, cognitive development, and expressive language. Your tot not only learns how to express their emotions, but they learn how to control their emotions and understand their feelings.


Art has many advantages including fostering intellectual development, increasing memory capabilities, and increasing concentration and attention. More importantly, however, art is a creative expression that improves social skills, self-esteem, and self-expression. Our early childhood education art program improves fine motor skills, as it often involves the action of using colored pencils and paintbrushes. Cognitive development is sharpened as tots learn how to refine their critical thinking skills, making a mental plan of what they want to create. Further, their decision-making skills are also improved upon, as well as their language development.

Your child, and your child’s development is our top priority. Our facility caters to your child’s needs as they grow and learn about themselves and about their environment, giving them the building blocks to their future success! Contact Compass Child Care to take a tour of the facilities, or to learn more about our child care and early childhood education programs. Convenient locations in Coon Rapids, East Bethel, Isanti, and Blaine, give you easy access to our service!