1. Helping Your Child Handle Their Emotions

    Growing up, we teach children exactly how to cope with their physical pain. Put a bandaid on a scraped knee and soothe them until the crying stops. Tell them that the pain will only be temporary and they will heal in a certain amount of time. Dealing with emotional pain, or emotions, in general, is …Read More

  2. 6 Tips for Fostering Creativity in Your Child

    Contrary to what you might think, not all children are born equally creative. Creativity, however, is more than just an inborn talent, which means there are things that you can do as their parent to encourage them to develop this skill. In today’s post, we’ll take a look at six tips you can foll…Read More

  3. Explaining STEM Education and Its Importance

    Some out there (likely without kids of their own) have a misconception that pre-kindergarten education isn’t incredibly important. What could children learn at such a young age anyway? Shouldn’t they just be playing and having fun? Of course they should be having fun, but the reality is, early c…Read More