Infant Care

Infants are where it all begins. Our little itty bitties are working on some big stuff like knowing they are loved and trusting their teachers to be cared for. They are learning the sound of their name and other communication along with tummy time, sitting up independently and working towards crawling and walking. The things we know and take for granted every day were established as an infant, there is no doubt that there is serious learning going on in this classroom!

Transitions Daycare

The Transitions Room has the task of getting our older infants off their individual schedules and working towards the group schedule of toddlers. The transition from infants to toddlers is the biggest change so this room acts as a toddler prep classroom. These little ones will be playing like “big” kids with the comfort of an infant classroom setting.

Toddler Child Care

Toddlers are always up for a good time. We will keep these 22 month – 33 month olds engaged by keeping the fun coming and switching gears as needed. Our toddlers will be working on expanding their vocabulary, social skills and the start of self-help skills… yes that includes potty training!

Now enrolling at Coon Rapids & Blaine
Open Monday-Friday from 6:30 a.m.-6:00 p.m.

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