Compass Child Care has built its values providing families with exceptional childcare programs that help kids grow into successful people of tomorrow. We have a passion for fun, engaging, and immersive programming that guides children in their day-to-day learning activities. Our curriculum builds a strong foundation that all other knowledge is built on, providing them with cutting-edge early childhood education.

Our preschool programs give children the opportunity to be immersed in state-of-the-art programs like music and movement, art, S.T.E.M., and dramatic play. While these programs may seem like just a ton of fun to adults — trust us, they’re still fun — there is actually a whole lot of learning going on!

We have made a great effort to ensure that our classrooms are places where your child can sharpen their skills, from fine motor skills to emotional skills, and have fun while doing so. We believe in creating fun, caring, kind, and educational environments where your child not only feels safe in but also wants to be there.

Our Approach

Compass Child Care takes a holistic approach to raising children, observing children and their wants and needs, and then creating an environment that caters towards developmental progression. The materials and academic concepts that make up our curriculum are not your traditional concepts that keep children inside the box learning from books, but instead, link them to their environment, giving them lessons that allow them to grow at their own pace. Children are encouraged to explore materials independently as well as cooperatively with their classmates. 

Our curriculum helps build children’s independence and interest in the world around them. Our lessons enforce their confidence, which helps them navigate through their successes and failures, giving them the freedom to learn how to make appropriate choices. More than anything, we want to help children develop their personal contributions to the world, building their sense of potential. 

In order to positively shape some of your child’s first experiences, our teachers have developed, and continue to foster, the idea that children can make positive contributions to the world and deserve the best learning experiences that cater to their growing minds. From overcoming challenges to making new friends, our classrooms are where your kids are going to acquire the building blocks for success.  

Our Mission

Instead of focusing purely on academics, we instead seek to build self-confidence, emotional development, intuitive development, and social connections that help them understand their world and the world around them. We believe that our curriculum helps build moral character and helps build an appreciation for discovery that connects children with their environment and the global community. 

If you would like more information about our childcare center in Coon Rapids, or about our other locations, contact us today!

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