There has been an ongoing discussion amongst the parents of infants and toddlers about whether pre-k education is a valuable asset or not. Some go so far to say that it is only a way for their children to be cared for while they go to work or run their errands throughout the day. This is sad for us at Compass Early Learning. Every day our staff works tirelessly to help prepare the children under our care for their future, and you wouldn’t imagine how much they actually learn and progress every single day! 

In fact, some refer to pre-k education as the “most important year of learning” for the young ones. In this blog post, we’ll give you just a few of the many reasons why having your child enrolled in pre-k classes is so beneficial for them. We are proud to provide day care and preschool classes in Blaine, and are so happy to announce that we have opened our new location in Coon Rapids! If you have any questions or are looking to enroll your child in one of our child care classes, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!

Getting Them Out of Their Comfort Zone

Many parents decide to opt-out of pre-k classes for their child because they feel like the care and lessons that they are getting at home are just as good as the ones that they will receive in a child care center. We are in no way questioning the parenting skills of these parents, but there are things that they will learn at our center that can not be taught in the comfort of their own home. For one, they may listen to you and follow your directions very well, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they will listen to a teacher or another elder once they enter kindergarten. Your child needs to learn how to step out of their comfort zone and learn to interact with the world outside of their home. If this is not established before they start kindergarten, class might be very scary and hard for them to understand or adapt to. 


Speaking of getting them out of their comfort zone, it is really important for your child to have the social skills they need to make friends and get along with their classmates as they begin kindergarten. While they may get along with their neighbor friends or younger family members, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll be able to mix in comfortably with a class full of strangers. That can be very frightening for them if they are not used to being in groups similar to that environment. Many kindergarten teachers agree that having social skills when they first begin class is one of the most important traits for them to have to succeed. And these skills don’t just relate to the classroom setting, but everywhere that they go where they will encounter children that they don’t know of the same age. 

They Learn to Follow the Rules

While there are many similarities, house rules are not the exact same as the rules of the classroom. For example, sharing with their classmates is very important in school, and especially if your little one is an only child, they may not be very good at sharing, especially with a classful of children. In our pre-k classes, the children learn about not only the importance of sharing but also how to follow rules from someone other than their parents. Specifically their teacher! This will be an important trait for them to have throughout their lives.

Nurturing Creativity

Here at Compass Early Learning, we think that it is incredibly important not to just help the children to learn such lessons taught through STEM, but also to help them nurture and explore their own creativity. Letting the children learn what they can create through arts and craft, or expanding their imagination through role-playing activities, isn’t only a blast for them, but also teaches them many lessons that will be beneficial in their future. Kids have an incredible amount of imagination, and it’s important to support them with it. This will not only help them discover the magic of art and music but also has other benefits such as problem-solving and while playing with their classmates their social skills will also strengthen. 

It’s Fun!

While it may be intimidating and scary for them at first, your child will quickly learn that being a part of our pre-k classes is a whole lot of fun! They’ll meet new friends, play awesome games, learn interesting things, and so much more! We want the children to learn, of course, but we also want them to have a good time!

Preparing Them for Their Future

Maybe the most important part about pre-k education is that it will help each and every student be more prepared for the future. By starting them out early, your child will learn a variety of life lessons to help them get ready for whatever might be in their path. They will have a head start on their education and won’t be as scared to begin their kindergarten courses. 

If you have an infant or toddler and are looking for child care in Coon Rapids or Blaine that truly cares about furthering the education of their child as well as the child’s comfort and creativity, then what are you waiting for? Contact Compass Early Learning Center today to get them started!